SonShine Christian Academy

From the beginning of our church planting efforts, we have worked to develop local leadership and local programs that would assist the Jamaican church to have long range success and sustainability. As part of a complete church planting effort for the Old Harbour Church, SonShine Christian Academy is a preschool/kindergarten program with the following project goals:
Project Goals
1. To introduce students and parents to the Church and to Christ
Every program we have started in Old Harbour is to introduce people to the Church and to Christ. This includes Houses of Mercy, Child Education Sponsorship, and Sport's Ministry.
2. To educate children
Based on the research that we have conducted, there is a significant need for early childhood learning opportunities for families in the Old Harbour community, where less than one child in four are able to attend a pre-school program. Thus, these children are not adequately prepared for school and quickly fall behind.

image Artist's rendering of Phase 1 that is designed to house 144 students.

The total remaining need for the school's start-up budget is $57,000. A detailed listing of Start-up items is contained in the last two pages of our Business Plan for the school. We are asking individuals, churches, and groups to consider a $25 monthly commitment to SonShine Christian Academy. All contributions help cover the operating costs of the school which includes teacher and administration salaries, utilities, facilities, and infrastructure.

SonShine Christian Academy – School Building Updates

The school construction, as of July 2018, is progressing very well with a projected opening date of January 2019 with classrooms on the lower floor.  $57,000 is still needed for the school start-up costs.

SonShine Christian Academy – Fire Extinguisher Donation

George Haden, from NorthEast Christian Church secured donations for the fire extinguishers that are on the school's "Start-up" list.